Details about the neuroanatomical projections from R to ICe

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Report IDSending structure Receiving structureProjection strengthTechniqueGeneral description projectionCollatorAssociated reference
28348 RetinaInferior colliculus external nucleus light/moderateHRP
Case pg45-8, fig1,2. Soma notes 17 adult Sprague-Dawley rats were used. 3 rats received bilateral injections. Intraocular injections consisted of 1-10 microlitres of 33% HRP. In 1 case 4 microl of 1% WGA-HRP conjugat in saline was injected. . Terminal notes In 17 rat injections, retinal axons were traced to the contralateral pericentral nucleus of the inferior colliculus. Fibres sweep caud and lat forming a thin layer throughout much of dor pericentral IC. Smaller contigent in small area near SC..
Itaya SK, Van Hoesen GW., 1982
General description technique/protocol: not provided

Further details associated to record number 28348:
Position of injection: not known
Topological position of injection: N/A
Extension of injection outside: none
The injection was performed in: unknown
Position of terminal field: not known
Topological position of terminal field: N/A
Extension of terminal field outside: none
The terminal field was found: contralateral