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deeper long axon stellate cell, nomenclature (acronym): Chan-Palay (Chan-Palay)

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cerebellar molecular layer interneuronSultan and Bower (SB)

...the data support the view that the molecular layer interneurons represent one population of cells, which vary continuously in their morphology depending on the depth of the soma in the molecular layer. is included
The standard division of these cells into basket and stellate cells, for example, depends principally on two features, their different depths (basket cells are deeper than stellate cells) and, importantly, whether their axons contribute basket endings onto somata of nearby Purkinje cells (Eccles et al., 1967; Palay and Chan-Palay, 1974)...Consistent with previous classification schemes (Eccles et al., 1967; Palay and Chan-Palay, 1974) the particular feature that is most striking is the dependence on depth for the generation of the basket-type ending (Fig. 8). However, our analysis shows that this property actually varies smoothly with depth (Fig. 9). Collator note: see also Table, page 369.Sultan F. & Bower J.M.Mihail Bota