BAMS nomenclature (XML)

1. The first tables of BAMS database have been rewritten in RDF/OWL format.
Here you can view the RDF/XML serialization in your browser (version 0.2). We also provide here the documentation of this file.

2. List of BAMS brain nomenclatures in XML format

RatSwanson, 1992
Swanson, 1998
Paxinos & Watson, 1998
Swanson, 2004
MouseHof, 2000
Paxinos & Franklin, 2001
Dong, 2007 (ABA)
CatBerman & Jones

Note: Some of the XML pages may be of large size, therefore it will take several seconds to view them.
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Conditions of use: these RDF/OWL files are free to download and use "as they are". Should any part of these files will be used either in web applications or standalone software, please cite the source of these files (BAMS;
Please contact us for any changes or additions in any parts of these files.