Details about the neuroanatomical projections from ZI to PF

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Report IDSending structure Receiving structureProjection strengthTechniqueGeneral description projectionCollatorAssociated reference
3852 Zona incertaParafascicular nucleus lightHRP/WGA
Case pg142, fig3. Soma notes Towards caudal limit of label in Rt, cells found in ventral & medial regions where they became continuous with cells in zona incerta. Labeled cells in ZI fewer & much less heavily stained than those in reticularis.. Terminal notes In those five brains for which retrograde labelling is described in detail, the injection (WGA injections) sites were confined almost exclusively to PF..
Cornwall J, Phillipson OT., 1988
General description technique/protocol: not provided

Further details associated to record number 3852:
Position of injection: not known
Topological position of injection: N/A
Extension of injection outside: none
The injection was performed in: unknown
Position of terminal field: not known
Topological position of terminal field: N/A
Extension of terminal field outside: none
The terminal field was found: ipsilateral