Details about the neuroanatomical projections from PRE to ENT

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Report IDSending structure Receiving structureProjection strengthTechniqueGeneral description projectionCollatorAssociated reference
1485 PresubiculumEntorhinal area existsautoradiography
Case pg304. Soma notes We have studied several brains in which pre- & parasubiculum were involved by isotope isjection, but only one in which the injection was confined to these 2 cytoarchitectonic fields (fig2).. Terminal notes Evidence of terminal projection was found in ?entorhinal & subicular regions of the opposite side.
Swanson LW, Cowan WM., 1975
General description technique/protocol: not provided

Further details associated to record number 1485:
Position of injection: not known
Topological position of injection: N/A
Extension of injection outside: none
The injection was performed in: unknown
Position of terminal field: not known
Topological position of terminal field: N/A
Extension of terminal field outside: none
The terminal field was found: ipsilateral