Reports of presence of delta GABA in: CBX.
Cell typeCell type position in regionHemisphereQualitative density of delta GABA in CBXQualitative intensity per labeled cellAnnotationReferenceCollator
Purkinje neuroneverywherebilateralnot presentnot assignedAll the other [than alpha1, beta2, gamma2] subunits were not expressed to detectable levels in Purkinje cells (see Fig. 7).Persohn E., Malherbe P. & Richards J.G., 1992
molecular layer of cerebellar cortexbilateralnot presentnot assignedIn the molecular layer some cells (probably stellate cells) were labeled by the alpha1 (Fig. 7), beta2 (Fig. 7), and gamma2 probes to a moderate to weak degree. Collator note: see also Table 1 page 209.Persohn E., Malherbe P. & Richards J.G., 1992
cerebellar granule celleverywherebilateralvery strongvery strongIn the granular layer, granule cells were labeled with all subunit probes to a very strong (alpha6 [Fig. 31], beta2 [Fig. 7], delta [Fig. 31]) to weak degree (alpha5 [Fig. 6e]), except apha2, apha3, and gamma1.Persohn E., Malherbe P. & Richards J.G., 1992