Reports of presence of D1 in: CBX.
Cell pool position in regionHemisphereQualitative density of D1 in CBXAnnotationReferenceCollator
not knownbilateralexistsIt is interesting to note the lack of D 1 receptors in the cerebellum of mouse, guinea pig, monkey and human, compared to cat and rat cerebellum. In the latter species significant amounts of [3H-]SCH 23390 specific binding were detected in the Purkinje and molecular layers (Fig. 5).Camps M., Kelly P.H. & Palacios J.M., 1990
molecular layer of cerebellar cortexbilaterallight/moderate...the granular cell layer where low-to-moderate levels of D, receptor mRNA can be localized (Fig. 5D). In the cerebellum, D1, receptor mRNA is localized to the cells of the granular layer (GL), while D1, receptor binding is predominantly in the molecular layer (ML), suggesting the synthesis and transport of receptors to their terminal fields.Mansour A., Meador-Woodruff J.H., Zhou Q., Civelli O., Akil H. & Watson S.J., 1992

 in situ hybridization data