Reports of presence of PKC-delta in: UVU.
Cell typeCell type position in regionHemispherePattern of appearance in UVU Qualitative density of PKC-delta in UVUQualitative intensity per labeled cellAnnotationReferenceCollator
Purkinje neuroneverywherebilateralnot assessedstrongstrongThe antiserum to PKC-delta intensely immunolabeled Purkinje cells in the posterior cerebellum (folia 9 and 10; Fig. 2A,B,F).Barmack N.H, Qian Z & Yoshimura J., 2000
Purkinje neuroneverywherebilateralbandsmoderatenot assignedTransverse sections through folia 6–9 in the posterior cerebellum revealed sagittal bands with alternating immunoreactivity. These bands characterized the immunolabeling in the Purkinje cell and molecular layers (Fig. 2C). These sagittal bands were previously described by others (Chen and Hillman, 1993; Garcia and Harlan, 1997).Barmack N.H, Qian Z & Yoshimura J., 2000