Reports of presence of D3 in: NOD.
Cell typeCell type position in regionHemispherePattern of appearance in NOD Qualitative density of D3 in NODAnnotationReferenceCollator
Purkinje neuroneverywherebilateraluniformexistsD3 receptor gene transcripts were found all along the entire Purkinje cell layer in lobule 10 and posterior lobule 9, as well as in patches in anterior lobule 9 (Fig. 8B, E). Microphotographs showed that the labeling corresponded to Purkinje cells, which all displayed a positive hybridization signal in lobule 10 (Fig. 8G).Diaz J., Levesque C. Lammers C.H., Griffon N., Martress M.-P., Schwartz J.-C. & Sokoloff P., 1995

 in situ hybridization data