Experiment acronym Annotation Collator Author checked
Sato-AMPAIn situ hybridization study of AMPA receptor subunits expression in the rat brain.Mihail Botano

Animals (subjects)
Sex: M
Number of animals: 3
Age: not specified
Mass: 150
Unit of mass:
Housing conditions: not specified
Annotation: Three male Wistar rats (Kiwa Experimental Animal Company, Japan) weighing c. I50 g were decapitated under sodium pentobarbital anesthesia (50 mg/kg, ip.).
Experimental method
Experiment type: in situ hybridization
Neuron/glia identification method: morphology
Staining frequency: not specified

Experimental details:
Measured nucleic acid: mRNA
Source (producer): not specified
Probe sequence: not specified
Sequence species: not specified
Probe sequence orientation: antisense
Control: sense
Labelling method: radiolabelling
Visualization method: colorimetry
Visualization medium: film
Annotation: Collator note: information about the procedure used for in situ hybridization was described in Noguchi et al. 1988 and Keinanen et al. 1990.

Anatomy and histology
Section plane: coronalAngle: not specifiedCutting method: not specified Preservation: freezing Thickness: 15 micrometer
Staining type: none Sampling: not specified Annotation: Serial sections (1520 ,u m thick) were cut on a cryostat, thaw-mounted onto gelatin-coated slides, and stored at -80°C until use.

Mapping details
Coordinates: noneData presentation:
images of all labeled sections
Mapping approach: brain region is captured in a BAMS nomenclature other than that used in the original publication