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Hierarchy level in atlas Swanson, version Swanson-2004 is 4: 3 superstructures include it.

Major Subparts
Supramammillary nucleusgray matter
Tuberomammillary nucleusgray matter
Subparaventricular zonegray matter
Suprachiasmatic nucleusgray matter
Pontine reticular nucleus rostral partgray matter
Pedunculopontine nucleusgray matter
Raphe nucleigray matter
Subcoeruleus nucleusgray matter
Locus coeruleusgray matter
Sublaterodorsal nucleusgray matter
Laterodorsal tegmental nucleusgray matter
Substantia nigra compact partgray matter
Ventrolateral preoptic nucleusgray matter
Hypothalamic lateral zone, state relatedgray matter
Tree of Behavioral state system

Central Nervous System
Central nervous system gray matter
Cerebrospinal trunk

Inferred efferent projections of Behavioral state systemInferred afferent projections to Behavioral state system