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Hierarchy level in atlas Swanson, version Swanson-1998 is 4: 3 superstructures include it.

Major Subparts
Olfactory areasgray matter
Hippocampal formationgray matter
Somatic motor areasgray matter
Auditory areasgray matter
Gustatory areasgray matter
Somatosensory areasgray matter
Visceral areagray matter
Visual areasgray matter
Agranular insular areagray matter
Anterior cingulate areagray matter
Ectorhinal areagray matter
Infralimbic areagray matter
Orbital areagray matter
Perirhinal areagray matter
Posterior parietal association areasgray matter
Prelimbic areagray matter
Retrosplenial areagray matter
Ventral temporal association areasgray matter
Tree of Cerebral cortex, layers1-6a [cortical plate]

Cerebral cortex

Inferred chemoarchitecture profile

Inferred efferent projections of Cerebral cortex, layers1-6a [cortical plate]Inferred afferent projections to Cerebral cortex, layers1-6a [cortical plate]